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Anti-Ageing Products

Age is not something that many of us like talking about, but its something that we think about often! For tips on holding back the ageing process, and to find out what the latest anti-ageing products are visit our Anti Ageing section.


Aromatherapy is the process of diffusing scents into the air to help you relax and feel better. For information about practising aromatherapy, offers on products and a list of online suppliers visit our Aromatherapy section.

Bath and Body

bath and bodyNothing makes you feel pampered quite like treating yourself to a relaxing bath followed by some wonderful body products! For press releases, and offers about the latest bath and body products, visit our Bath and Body section.

Bathroom Mirrors

A bathroom isn’t complete without a bathroom mirror. How big should it be? Should you go for a magnifying mirror? For information, guides and a list of online suppliers, visit our Bathroom Mirrors section.


To keep yourself looking flawless while out and about, compact mirrors and powder compacts are ideal to help you touch up your makeup. To find out more about compacts, and to find an online supplier visit our Compacts section.

Cosmetic Organisers

Ever struggle to find the make-up you want to use? If you have an expanding cosmetics  collection be sure to check out our Cosmetic Organisers section for ideas and a list of online suppliers.

Eye Liner

If you are not sure what type of eyeliner to use, for tips on application and for a list of must have eye liner products, visit our Eye Liner section.

Eye Shadow

eye makeupChoosing the right eye shadow can really help emphasise your eyes. To find out how more about choosing the right eye shadow for your look, and to find out more about the latest products, visit our Eye Shadow section.

False Lashes

If you want longer lashes, the quickest and easiest way is to use false lashes. For more information about false lashes and the latest products, visit our False Lashes section.

Foot Care

Our feet go through a lot with high heels and open toe shoes, so it is important pamper them on a regular basis! For tips and information about the latest footcare products, and for a list of foot care retailers, visit our Foot Care section.

Hair Brushes

A good hair brush is an essential part of a good hair care and grooming regime.  More information, guides, tips and reviews are available in our Hair Brushes section.

Hair Care Products

There is a hair care product for every hair type. To keep your hair look fantastic, check out our Hair Care Product section for tips, press release about the latest products and a directory of hair care product suppliers.

Hair Curling Products

To discover more about what hair curling products would suit your hair type, and to find out about the latest products, check out our Hair Curling Product section.

Hair Dryers

For tips on drying your hair to finding out about the latest hair dryers, visit our Hair Dryers section.

Hair Dye

When it’s time for a change in your style, dyeing your hair can give you a dramatic change to your look. To find out about tips on dyeing your hair, or to find out about the latest hair dye products, visit our Hair Dye section.

Hair Straighteners

hair straightenersTo find out more about what type of hair straighteners to use for your hair type and find out about the latest products, visit our Hair Straighteners section.

Hair Styling

There are many different products out there to help you style your hair. If you want to find out more information about the types of products available and what would suit your hair type best, visit our Hair Styling section.

Jewellery Cases

To keep all your jewellery together and safe, whether you have a large collection at home or need to look after your jewellery on your travels, you need to find a suitable jewellery case. To find out about different jewellery case types and to view a list of jewellery case retailers, view our Jewellery Cases section.

Lighted Mirrors

When you need to get a clear image in a poorly lit room you can either upgrade the level of lighting in the room, or alternatively invest in a lighted mirror. To find out more about lighted mirrors and view a list of light mirror suppliers, view our Lighted Mirrors section.


lipsDo you go for lipstick, lip colour or lip gloss? If you are unsure which would be the best for your use, or are interested in finding out about the latest lip products, view our Lip Products section.

Lipstick Holders

To make sure your lipstick doesn’t redecorate the inside of your handbag, a lipstick holder can really help. To find out more about lipstick holders and view a list of lipstick holder retailers, view our Lipstick Holder section.


Where would we be without makeup? Most of us use makeup in some shape or form. To find out how to get the perfect look for you, and to hear about all the latest products and where to get them, visit our Makeup section.

Makeup Bags

Makeup bags help keep all your makeup organised and together, and are ideal for taking your makeup with you when you are on holiday. To find out more about makeup bags and see a list of online retailers, visit our Makeup Bags section.

Makeup Mirrors

To get that flawless look with your makeup you need to be able to clearly see your reflection in a quality makeup mirror. Many come with a magnifying side, often up to 10 times magnification.For more information about makeup mirrors and a list of online retailers, visit our Makeup Mirrors section.

Male Beauty Products

These days beauty products are no longer just the preserve of women. There are many male beauty product ranges out there designed to keep you looking fresh and youthful. To find out about the latest products and where to get them, visit our Male Beauty Products section.

Manicure Sets

To get a lovely set of nails you need to keep them well manicured. If you don’t have the time or money to get your nails done professionally on a regular basis, you will need a good quality manicure set to keep your nails looking their best. To find out how to give yourself a home manicure and for a list of online retailers, visit our Manicure Set section.


mascaraThere are a wide range of mascara products on the market. To find out which mascara product would suit you best and find out what the latest products are and where to buy them, visit our Mascara section.

Men’s Fragrances

To find out about the hottest new men’s fragrances and where to get them, visit our Men’s Fragrances section.

Nail Varnishes (Nail Polishes)

For all the latest information on nail varnishes/glosses on the market, and a list of online retailers, visit our Nail Varnishes section.

Perfume and Fragrances

Want to know what the latest fabulous perfumes and fragrances are? To find out what the latest perfumes are, and to find out where to get them, visit our Perfume and Fragrances section.

Shaving Mirrors

For the closest possible shave you need to be able to see exactly what you are doing, which requires a good quality shaving mirror with the right magnification to see clearly. For information about shaving mirrors and where to buy them online, visit our Shaving Mirrors section.


A good skincare regime will help to keep you looking youthful! For more information about the latest skincare products, and to find out where to get them from, visit our Skincare section.


To get a wonderful golden glow, do you supplement a natural tan, or go down the fake tan route? To find out about all the latest products and for a list of online retailers, visit our Tanning section.

Teeth Whitening

teeth whiteningDo you want gleaming white teeth like all the Hollywood stars? For information about the hottest new teeth whitening products and where to get them from, visit our Teeth Whitening section.

Travel and Hand Mirrors

Sometimes when you go travelling the mirror in the place you are staying isn’t up to the job or is positioned in an area with little natural light. To ensure you have a quality mirror suitable for your needs, consider purchasing a travel mirror. Many are light weight and fold flat for ease of travelling. To find out more about hand mirrors/travel mirrors, visit our Travel and Hand Mirrors section.

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